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Our Approach

Our Approach

Intentional. Customized. Specific.

We believe that all of our work must be informed by the client to be impactful. We want to know what issues you're experiencing, where you're hoping to grow, what your fears are, and how we can best support change & impact within your organization. These insights inform our customization, ensuring our material is tailored to your needs.

We have a fundamental belief that this work is only as strong as leadership's commitment to it. We understand that everyone's diversity, equity, and inclusion journey looks different, and we are committed to supporting leaders to build their capacity for this work.

Learn more about the four pillars that guide our work below.



We can't look to the future if we don't understand our past. We can't move forward, if we don't understand where we've been.


Every client can expect to engage
in one or all of our pillars.


Our Services

Clients can pick from pre-set packages, a la carte options, or work with us to create a unique, individualized plan.

Training & Education

After assessing the client's needs, we will identify key areas of needed education for your organization. Many organizations skip this vital step, and their employees are ill-equipped to navigate organizational change. By providing training and education to all staff, we ensure a solid foundation to support organizational change in support of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Topics may include:
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 101
Inclusive Leadership Techniques
White Supremacy Culture Characteristics
History of Race & Racism

DEI work is not an add-on but rather a vital part of every facet of your organization. Sound overwhelming? We can help with that.

When aiming to implement policy change, a clear and detailed strategic plan must be coupled with transparent communications. DT will work with you to build a plan that addresses your most urgent DEI needs. We will partner alongside you to communicate and socialize this plan while supporting its implementation. 

Strategy & Communications

Capacity Building

DEI work cannot fall on one individual. It must be supported through teams, leadership, and funding. DT can support the creation of DEI Councils, Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), Equity Committees, and more. By building out your capacity to do this work, your organization will be better equipped to meet the goals of your DEI strategic plan and better equipped to address challenges within the workplace.

As an advisor or coach, we can support the leaders within your organization who are leading DEI work. Organizations must invest in the leaders they've tapped to be DEI advocates (middle managers, ERG leaders, etc.), but they must also invest in executive-level development. DT can work with leaders at all levels as either an advisor, coach, or both to support their individual DEI journeys and organizational efforts.

Advising & Coaching

"The team at Dynamic Transformations adapted seamlessly into our unique culture, and their programs and guidance resonated with our team. Like many firms in the beginning stages of an anti-racism journey, we needed a combination of education, training, strategy, coaching, and facilitated dialog sessions. Working with the Dynamic Transformation team helped us embrace the honesty and transparency needed to change our culture. Engagement in our D&I program grew by leaps and bounds, and we attribute that to their ability to build relationships in an approachable and heart-felt way. I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to transform their organization."

- Jessica M. | Management Consulting Firm


Past Clients


Our Promise

Dynamic Transformations is dedicated to guiding groups of all sizes and experiences toward more empathetic and efficient work environments. To learn more about DT, and how we can support your organization today,
book an introductory consultation.

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